If your marketing is
NOT making you money,
You are doing it WRONG!
3 Things You Can Change Today,
to attract your ideal customers.
Leading expert in holistic marketing for business owners
wanting to make a positive impact in your community.

Digital Marketing

Sick of wasting money of ad hoc marketing?

Our digital marketing solution brings all your marketing together to attract high quality customers for your business.

Web Design

There are 2 types of websites –
One that costs you money and
One that makes you money!

Talk to us if you would like a website that creates sales not just more expenses.

Social Media Management

If social media is causing you nothing but headaches and is a massive time waster then you need help!
Talk to us, here at CATCO Enterprises
to make social media work for your business
and produce a positive Return on Investment.

Giving Back

By working with CATCO Enterprises you are helping to give back.

Running a business for almost 2 decades takes a special kind of person, someone who can delegate, manage, be inclusive and give back.
CATCO Enterprises is more than a business, it’s a team and a family which extends to our clients too.

As part of the CATCO family, in August 2020 we joined B1G1 – Business for Good;
to help make a difference while doing what we normally do.
See our efforts so far.

Your marketing should make you money,
does yours? If not, you are doing it WRONG!

CATCO Enterprises work with business owners who want a positive return on their marketing investment,
who understand that they need expert help and are committed to making an impact in their community.

We specialise in Digital Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Management.

Holistic marketing allows business owners to attract the right customers
and make the impact that they are looking for through thoughtful design and strategy.

Ask how CATCO Enterprises can help you!

Whether you are looking for a brand new website or you need to upgrade your current one,
CATCO Enterprises is passionate about designing you a website that is unique as you are
and that really works.

At CATCO Enterprises, we design websites that add value to your business,
produce measurable results and not just tick a box.

Cathy Smith Attraction Maven
I’m Cathy Smith, The Attraction Maven

Hi, I love to help  business owners break through the digital disconnect and attract more customers online with my Lead Amplication Framework for success.

If you’re anything like me you’re an experienced business owner whose built a reputation for excellence through hard work and great service. You’ve got a loyal customer base with your new leads mainly coming from your word of mouth network, but when it comes to translating this to your online presence, you’re selling yourself short.

You need to communicate your real-world brilliance online with amazing digital marketing, web design and social media.

You want to grow your business with a consistent stream of customers who value your service and become raving fans.

You need an experienced digital marketing consultant who’s done the hard yards and knows how to help you translate your skills, knowledge and experience to attract your ideal customers online.

You’re ready to take the next step, to showcase your business and let your real-world brilliance shine online.

Why Hit & Miss Marketing is NOT Enough

All too often a business owner will buy into what we call ‘Hit & Miss Marketing’; using a few spare hours of downtime to post something half-hearted on social media to try and gain some traffic, then give up. It is a common practice because business owners are busy people with not nearly enough hours in the day, but it does not help your business grow.

Here are 7 mistakes that I see business owners making all the time when they are doing their own business marketing.

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