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People like to deal with people they know, like and trust…

A website is your chance to make a first impression that really lasts

Connect with your prospects and make them want to do business with you.

Websites are just advertising tools, right?  NO!

We can make your website a complete experience for your visitors giving them a multi-level journey that they will want to return to again…and again.

For your website to work it needs to do 2 things
• bring in traffic
• and creates business for you.

Complete Web Designs that look great and really work.

5 Things Your Website Needs to Attract Traffic

Digital Marketing Strategy

Not sure what you need?
A comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy can define the perfect solution for your marketing to ensure you are connecting with your idea customers and getting the best value for your marketing dollars.

Our customers now have a huge range of information available to them and have researched their purchasing decision online before buying. A digital presence is absolutely essential if you want to be a considered in their buying decision —no matter of what you sell.

Book a Digital Marketing Strategy to clarify your message and consolidate your marketing so that you achieve the results that grow your business. 

Website Maintenance Service

Your website should be an asset for your business and you have paid good money for it. However often once websites have been built, they are left to grow dust and greatly reduce their effectiveness. 

Regular upkeep of your website should be a critical part of your marketing budget. Just like your car needs maintenance so does your website. Some tasks needs to be done daily and other weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Having a Website Maintenance Service is place is an insurance policy for your website and will  save you heart ache and money if things go wrong. Oh it will never happen to me . . . Hackers, accidents or your website needs to be updated single events soon add up to far more than the investment you make in your Website Maintenance  Service.

A website is your chance to make a first impression that really lasts.

Personalised Graphic design for your Business.

Like it or not, most of us DO judge a book by its cover.

What does your cover say about you and your business?
• Is it inviting?
• Does it make the reader want to turn the page and stay with the story?

Images are very powerful to convey your message. In this hugely digital world it is nice to get something tangible, sometimes you just want something you can hang onto.

Printing is all about making the right first impression.

Whether it’s your business card, a brochure, a flyer, a press ad or signage on your car, these are all tools to help you make a great first impression.

A well designed business card can continue working for you long after the office closes.

You only ever get 1 first impression, so – let’s make it excellent!

Social Media – Make a connection with your customers.

Indifference is killing your businessDo you remember a time when your mum or grandmother shopped at the corner store?

The shopkeeper knew her name, the area she lived in, how many children she had, what her husband did for a living and much more. The shopkeeper cared about their customers. These days you are lucky to get a smile or even eye contact.

Social Media can create that personal experience, help to make a connection and make your customers feel appreciated. Business has become so impersonal, stand out from the crowd and show your customers they are not just another number.


When someone says Technology, I used to cringe with defeat. With our business being around for 4 decades old we used to rely on the normal forms of advertising in paper and radio. It was only when our dear friends at Astral Signs shared their success story with a new platform of advertising that we were lead to Cathy @ CATCO. From our first meeting I was introduced to the modern era of advertising, it quickly became apparent that we needed to bring our business into the 21st century. Cathy not only created our website and Facebook, she constantly is behind the screens ensuring our security and licences are all update. For a minimal annual fee I am left to concentrate on running business and I leave all the technology stuff to Cathy. Her professionalism and knowledge ensures that we are kept up to date and ahead of the times. I wouldn’t trust my company with anyone else.
Aspired Aluminium & Glass
Mrs Pip Shepherd MBA
Aspired Aluminium & Glass
I have had CATCO helping me with my social media presence for over a month now and couldn’t be happier with the journey so far. Cathy has given me a valuable insight into my business with an objective set of experienced eyes, she made suggestions and then quickly got the ball rolling and put an action plan in place. I love the way that she gave me the stats on my previous social media ratings, telling me more about my own business than I knew myself. This girl knows her stuff and has a gentle way of guiding you, without making you feel bad about the things you don’t know how to do. A joy to work with and she is happy to share her knowledge to help you move forward to grow your business. 10 out of 10… thank you Cathy for re-inspiring my enthusiasm to market my business creatively.
Annie Malone
The Natural Tempation Café