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3 Common Website Mistakes – Power Tip Podcast

3 Common Website Mistakes

Images that are too big

“You want to have nice, crisp, clean images, but you don’t want to have huge files sizes.
People take photos on their smartphone and load them straight up to their websites.
Those images are too large, so your website is going to load very slowly.
Use something like picresize.com to reduce the size of your image.”

Websites too minimal – no content

“People are going for minimal designs at the moment, which is great, but often they don’t contain any information for Google to find.
If you’re relying on search traffic you need to let Google know what each page on your website is about.
For instance, a page about physiotherapy needs to contain words and pictures about physiotherapy.”

Forgetting to promote the website

“People build these fabulous new websites but they don’t send anyone there.
They don’t tell anybody they’ve built a website, and they don’t tell people what you can do with it.
Remember to include your website at the bottom of every email you send. And make sure you’re using an email attached to your domain. Don’t use hotmail, gmail, yahoo or your service provider. That’s advertising another company instead of your own, and it doesn’t look very professional.”

A bonus tip about email addresses

“Don’t use sales@, office@, admin@ or any other generic email address. They’re more likely to get stuck in spam filters and you won’t even know it happened.”

3 Common Website Mistakes by Cathy Smith – CATCO Enterprises

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