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3 Reason Why Facebook is NOT Working for you!

CATCO finds you solutionsLove or hate Facebook, it is undeniably one of the biggest game changer for a lot of business in the last 5 years.

Did you know there are 1.18 billion active daily users on Facebook? And 84.9% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada 1

Most business would love a piece of that pie!
Wouldn’t you?

Facebook doesn’t work!

  • It’s only for big business!
  • It only works if you spend a lot of money!

You hear these type of comments all the time from small business owners and you have probably said them yourself . . . . right?

So why isn’t Facebook working for you?

Let’s Look at 3 Reasons Why Facebook isn’t Working for You:

  1. Posting at the wrong time
  2. Wrong content
  3. Not consistent

When do You Post?

The time you post can make a huge difference. When are your fans, customers, potential customers online? Do you know?

The best time to post is when your customers are online and looking for products and services (Simple hey!)

You might be surprised to know that it is often early in the morning about 6am or in the evenings after 8pm. Each audience and industry are different, so you need to check your Facebook business page insights tab to find out when your fans are looking at your page.

What do You Post?

No doubt you have heard that funny cat videos or photos get the most engagement on Facebook, followed by a dog and then children. If you are running a cattery, pet store or writing children’s stories that are probably relevant for you to post.

For the rest of us, that is not going to work very well. Yes, your customers will get a laugh but they won’t remember where it came from or anything about your business.

Post content that is relevant to your business and adds value to your customers.

How Often You Post?

You have 10 minutes free time, so you think you will do a few Facebook posts. Sound familiar?

So you post 5 things all at once, great content, adding value for your customers. The only problem is you haven’t been on facebook for weeks and you won’t be posting again for weeks to come.

Guess what!

Your customers are unlikely to see your posts because Facebook doesn’t think they want to see your posts as you rarely post.

It is far better to post 1 post every day for 5 days than 5 posts on one day.

Is Facebook Even Worth Bothering With?

As the organic (free) reach of Facebook continues to drop, what you post and when you post is becoming more and more important. So you might be asking, is Facebook still worth bothering with? In a word, Yes!

There are many strategies to use Facebook to your advantage and really buck the trends. Stay tuned for more information in upcoming articles.

Can’t wait! Need help with your facebook marketing campaign then give CATCO Enterprises a call on 9797 0889.

September 2016  Facebook Newsroom