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3 Easy Ways to Create Unique Content That Your Audience Want to Read

Create unique contentCreating content is a great way to keep your website up to date and a can be a great part of your content marketing strategy. However, creating content for the sake of creating content is a waste of your time.

You need to create content that your audience actually want to read and share. But how?

What happens when you start running out of ideas? Here are 3 simple ideas to help you create content ideas that your audience will want to read.

1. Ask Your Audience

2How Tos

3. Have an Opinion

1. Ask Your Audience

What are the questions you get asked over and over?

What questions and repeat comments are you getting on social media?

Answer these questions for your content

Answer questions from your audienceAfter you have answered all your FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) then you could do a search and see what other questions please are asking. Go to one of the many questions and answer sites on the Internet like

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Reddit

There are plenty of forums that you can browse. Try Facebook for industry specific pages, groups and your competitor’s pages and see what questions are being asked.

Ask your audience either in person or via social media. What are your common challenges when looking for a product like ours . . . . ?

Once you start looking you will find plenty of ideas from these questions and answers; that you will be able to use to build your content on.

2. How Tos

Create how to videos or instruction sheets. If your product has specific things that need to have “how tos” are a great way to show your audience what needs to be done. You can also create “how tos” on complimentary services that may come before or after your product.

For example, if you sell planter boxes you could make a “how to” on soil types and how to get the most out of planting out your planter box with a particular type of plant and then giving water instructions.

3. Have an Opinion

Choose topics that are interesting No one will read a boring wish washy article, you need to be firm and have an opinion. You could start by checking out the latest trends in your industry and discuss how you feel that this trend will affect your industry.

For example, I could discuss the ongoing changes in the Facebook algorithm and whether it is still worth spending time and money on marketing on Facebook?

Your bold and choose topics that are interesting to your audience have an opinion on current subjects that affect your industry.

Questions that you could answer would be where your industry is headed, any upcoming technologies and trends that you think are maybe going to happen, plus what is old hat and will going to get left behind.

3 Easy Ways to Create Unique Content That Your Audience Want to Read

Creating content should be fun for you and interesting for your audience, by using the 3 ways listed above you will have many different areas to discover some really unique ideas to create content on.

Article by Cathy Smith