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4 Things to do Before Spending Money on Marketing

Make your marketing stand out from the rest

Marketing is not as easy as it used to be.

You use to take out an ad in the newspaper or do a leaflet drop in letterboxes in your local area. If you were a really big business, you might do some radio or TV advertising.

Your business was competing with the other local businesses in your area and you had maybe 2 or 3 competitors and if you delivered a good service and kept your customers happy you were in easy street.

Today’s marketing story is very different. You are competing against lots of other business within your area, your state your country and even overseas. Your competitors could number in the hundreds or more.

How do you make your marketing stand out from the rest in such a noisy space where many other people offer similar services to you?

1. Right Message to the Right Audience

Stop trying to be everything to everyone or you will find your message is so watered down that you will serve no one.

We have all seen ads in our Facebook feed that have stopped us.

The offer looks interesting, you click on the link and the text on the landing page seems to be speaking directly to you. Wow are they reading your mind? This is the right message to the right audience.

Give the Right Message to the Right Audience

This is the right language to a defined audience, they are targeting you to the right audience.

When thinking of the right audience for your business, break it down even further and think of one just 1 person.

  • Think of this person as your friend.
  • Give them a name
  • How do they talk, think, act, behave?
  • What do they buy?

Get to know your ideal customer as you would if they were your friend in real life. That way you will be able to speak their language, the type of words they use, they will feel “you get them” when they see your message.

You may be thinking if you get that specific you wouldn’t be able to serve other types of customers and you will lose business. In fact, you will find the opposite is true you will gain business because other people who sit just outside your ideal customer range will also be attracted to your message and many others who might not be even close to your target audience will still resonate with your message because you are being specific.

Nike’s target audience is

  • An Athlete or Sports Minded Person
  • 15- 40 years old
  • Traditionally Male
    (however recent target switching has seen Nike pick up approx. 20% of the Women’s shoe market.)

Nike is all bout how you “FEEL” in their shoes.

They run ads and events with very emotive wording.

Nike: Run with Me, Sports Improvement Clinic

I am definitely not in Nike’s target audience however that doesn’t stop me buying their shoes and being totally happy with my purchase.

Being very specific about your targe audience allows you to speak their language and is often how tribes are built around brand, it goes back to the old fashion way of servicing your customers.

Take care of your local customs and they will reward you.

2. Stop thinking of Marketing as Selling

Marketing is not selling

Think of marketing as relationship building. Stop thinking of marketing as selling, instead think of it as adding value to your customer.

Gran’s steak story.

You can’t ask for marriage without courting first.

Build a relationship, add value before asking for the sale. No one likes a used car salesman.

What problem does your customer have that you can solve?

Identify the problem.

Notice I said problem not problem”s” plural?

Deal with one problem at a time, just like helping one type of customer at a time.

Nike’s customers problem is sports shoes – beginning and end – sports shoes.

3. Relationship Building

A cakeshop solves its customer birthday cake problem.

50+ Busy Lady who doesn’t have the time, skill or knowledge to make a really special birthday cake that will impress her friends.

A cakeshop could build a relationship with their customers by talking about the 5 top flavours of cakes in the last year, season or month in its marketing. They could share ideas on birthday party decorations. Promote a balloon hire company, feature a downloadable invitation. Then show their latest Chocolate Fudge Sunday Cake which was the top seller for the last month.

They would be adding value and still letting the customer know they had cakes to buy without being pushy or salesy.

Customers – Idea customer will love to buy from you however they don’t want to be sold to. Let them make the choice to by rather than have them feel they have been pushed into a sale that might not be right for them.

Dishwasher story.

4. Marketing Your Story

Market your story

Story is the latest buzz word. Instagram has storied, now Facebook and YouTube are bringing our “reels” which is its version of stories.

The origin of story is primitive however stories are still just as relevant today as you can see by the uptake on social media because stories help us remember the message.

Stories paint a picture in our minds.

Pictures tell a thousand words.

We remember pictures.

Stories touch our emotions.

Our emotional brain makes the buying decisions.

Stories are emotional and emotions sell products.

In your marketing if you can evoke an emotion then you will captivate your audience and they will remember you and be more likely to buy from you.

Beer ads do this really well.

Corona Beer’s highway billboard that has an image of a beach and a mud 20’s couple

The slogan reads –
“where you’d rather be”

It evokes – holiday, warmth, longing, youth, FOMO.

Speak clearly to your target audience

The ad says nothing about beer and flying past on the highway you probably won’t even see the beer bottles on the sand.

Remember when doing your marketing whether is the messaging on your website, traditional media, flyers, leaflets or social media

  • Speak clearly to your target audience in their language

Right message, right audience

  • Add Value and Solve their problem

Stop thinking of Marketing as selling

  • Entertain them

Tell them a story, your brands story, an emotional story that they can buy into.

When you think of your marketing treat it like you are telling your most trusted friend about this great new product service you have found and what to let them know all about it. Building a story and keeping the interest of your customers is a great way to give information and promote without the pressures of sale pitches, it is a much softer approach and will reward you well.