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5 Questions That Will Move Your Business Forward in 2019

It’s over, the year has rushed past and many of us are looking to the future. What will next year bring? Have you already started planning, hoping, wishing for a better year, where do we go from here!

Celebrate Your Wins

Are you a goal setter, someone who has it all mapped out? Or like the majority of the business community are you just reactive and letting the Universe send whatever it feels like your way?
“Ok so it’s time to plan”, they say, let’s make 2019 the best year yet!


Hold on a second, this may seem counter intuitive however you need to look back before moving forward. Reflect and close out this year first. Take some time to see how far you have come.

Celebrate Your Wins.

Achieve your business goals

Often, we are too focused on the destination so we forget to enjoy the journey. Celebrate the small wins, the little steps you took along the way and you may be surprised how much you have achieved this year without even realising it.

Reflect on The Year That Was

Sit down and take out a pen and paper (yes old fashion I know); write down the answers to these 5 questions.

Remember “The jar of stones”. To get the rocks, gravel, sand and water ALL into the jar you must put each component into the jar in the correct order. You must add the large things first – the rocks, then work down to the smaller things – the sand and water; so that all the components will fit into the jar. However, if you add with the smallest thing first – the water or the sand you will no longer have room for the rocks and gravel.

Was your year full of busy things, did you spend too much time on little stuff that didn’t move you towards your big goal? Did you even have a big goal? Don’t beat yourself up, just reflect and learn from the mistakes you made and move forward.

5 Questions That Will Move Your Business Forward in 2019

Don’t rush, allow yourself some quiet time to really reflect and answer these 5 questions and you will be in good shape to move your business forward into 2019.

  1. What went well, things I am proud of?
  2. What can I change moving forward?
  3. What goals did I achieve this year and what steps did I take to make it happen?
  4. What goals did I set this year that I didn’t achieve or that weren’t completed; are they still important?

Now you can move forward. Take your time to do questions 1 to 4 first.

  • 3 Things I would like to achieve in 2019? Remember less is more.

Why Look Back to Move Forward?

The past can often hold valuable clues to making our future everything that we wish for and more. By writing down your answers on paper with a pen can really cement these things into your brain.

“But I don’t want to remember”, you might say.

This is not a punishment, it’s an exercise to identify your strong points and amplify them. You can also identify weakness and put in place measures to counteract them. You can’t fix it, if you don’t know you have problem!

“It’s not till you let go of something that you see how much it’s been holding you back.” Marie Forelo

One of my weaknesses is “shining objects”, over the years I have bought way too many courses and software tools which I thought would move my business forward. Some did, many others just made the sellers rich and ended up clogging up my hard drive. By reflecting on my expenses, I can see what I have bought, revise them and even finish some course that may be relevant now that that I am further along in my business journey. Others, like software tools have reoccurring monthly or annual fees so I am now able to cancel the ones that I longer use. All these small tweaks move my business closer to my larger goals.

How to prevent “shining object syndrome” well that is a conversation for another day, however unsubscribing to emails from people who are constantly try to sell you products is a really good start.

Look Back to Move Your Business Forward

Move Your Business Forward

Finish what you have started first.

Yes those task can be part of your new goals for 2019 or you may decide to put them to bed and close them off forever; either way make a decision and stick to it. Many business people spend way too much energy on old habits that no longer service their business.

Get your map, plan your journey, break it down into smaller steps and make your business fly in 2019.

Enjoy your journey.

Article by Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises – Business Owner and thought leader who has helped hundreds of business owners achieve their marketing goals over the last 19 years.