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5 Things to Make You More Productive in Your Business

  1. To Do ListTo do list
  2. Turn your emails off (notification)
  3. Drink more water
  4. Stop checking Facebook
  5. Do a time log

By doing these 5 things you might be amazed at how much time you can gain in your day, let’s go through each one:

To do list

Write a To Do List and stick to it.

Depending on whether you are a morning person or a night owl; you can either do it at the end of each day/shift or first thing when you start work. When you do your To Do List is not important.

What is important is that you do it. Write down everything that you need to do for the day in priority order and then work through your list.

It sounds simple but if you do what needs to be done first  – FIRST, highest priority, you will be less stressed as you are not leaving everything to the last minute and rushing.

To take you to do list one step further you can plan out your week/month and maybe even year. Do you have things that have to happen regularly start there.

By having a “to do list” and sticking to it you will be more productive because you won’t spend the first 10 minutes thinking about what do you have to do or just picking the fun jobs and then being rushed to finish the “have to do” jobs at the end of the day.

Turn Off Your Email Notifications

How much time do you spend checking your emails a day? There is no such thing as an email emergency. If someone needs to get hold of you urgently, they are unlikely to email you.

On average, people spend up to 20 time a day checking their emails. Then they feel obligated action whatever they see; distracting them from the task they should be doing. Or worse still see it, do nothing and then forget the email completely and never action anything.

When an email comes in you have to check it? Turn off your email notifications.

To come back and deal with the email is not only wasting your time but keeping you from other tasks. Are you forgetting or not acting on emails you have looked at earlier?

Schedule a couple of time a day to check your emails, action them at that time. Add bigger tasks do your to do list and then go back to the tasks you need to do for your day. Turn your email notifications off and stop being distracted by the constant ping when an email comes in.

Drink More Water

A hydrated brain will work far better for you. Humans are made up of 60 % water and we lose on average 3- 4 litres throughout the day. This water needs to be replaced for you to function at your best. Most Australian don’t drink enough water.

Stop Checking Facebook

One of the biggest time drains is Facebook.

“I will just have a quick look to see what is happening.”

Sound familiar? Then ½ – 1 hour has gone and you can’t even remember that you wanted to check in the first place. Check Facebook outside of work hours and set a timer if need be. Like emails, turn off your notification and set aside a time to look at Facebook.

Do a Time Log

Download a time log, here is one you can use. Be honest and type in everything you have done for that hour.

20 minutes call to X

Refilled my water bottle

Checked emails

Started a task for ABC client

Even if you only do it for a few days you might be surprised at where your time leakages are.

5 Things to Make You More Productive in Your Business

If you track it, you can measure it! You might be amazed at how much time you can add to your day!

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