CATCO Enterprises is a boutique marketing agency that has been providing our customers with beautiful designs, functional and measurable marketing results since 2001.

We offer friendly service and a range of products that helps to make your customers journey to you; a positive, lasting experience that is as easy as possible. As the world gets smaller and competition great, we can help make your business stand out from the crowd.

If you are a small to medium business, at CATCO, we get you and are as passionate about your business as you are. We recognise the importance of building your brand and getting tangible results. Our approach is hands on, transparent, accountable and flexible.

Why work with CATCO Enterprises, because we care!

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Cathy Smith - CATCO Enterprises

Who is Cathy Smith – CATCO Enterprises

Cathy Smith, the owner of CATCO Enterprises, is an experienced web and graphic designer who knows how crucial it is to get your business in front of the right people; who can become your customers. One of the lessons that Cathy has learned through her professional career that started in 1986, is that business is built on strong relationships. We all want to feel valued and respected.

CATCO Enterprises was established in 2001 and provides tailored marketing solutions for the exact needs of small businesses, giving them the marketing results that they are looking for. The right tools, at the right time.

CATCO Enterprises offers a powerful and responsive marketing strategy that will grow your business using sophisticated electronic media, commercial print and promotion. From a simple flyer, to a complete online website shop and a social media package, CATCO Enterprises has the right tailored marketing strategy for your business needs.

CATCO Enterprises is different because they LISTEN and RESPOND, to the expert who knows your business best – YOU. Cathy works with small business owners to get to know YOUR STORY, building an effective relationship that shows her how to best market your business and brand; in an ever changing and complex marketplace.

Want to know more? Contact Cathy and the team at CATCO Enterprises 0409 489 464

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