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Cathy Smith is The Attraction Maven

Marketing should make you money, does yours?

I am the granddaughter of an artist; design has been my whole life.

At the beginning of my business, I relayed heavily on word-of-mouth referrals to bring in new customers. As I wanted to expand, I did what most small business owners do, Hit & Miss Marketing.

I chased shiny objects and spent thousands of dollars on training and the latest “new” thing that worked for a while. I was tired and struggled to get ahead.
Sound familiar? You probably have done this too?

Then I got my first employee, and it all had to change. Now I had wages to pay, and responsibilities.  I needed a proper framework, and a complete marketing strategy that would bring in consistent leads. I needed high quality leads that would become my “A Class” customers without me having to work late nights, weekends, and always be tired and away from my family.

Now 20+ years on CATCO Enterprises works with established service based businesses to get them a consistent flow of high-quality leads, that their phone is ringing, and they have prospects visiting their website every day. Business owners need to fall back in love with their business and regain the freedom that they worked so hard for. Time with their families should be a reality, not a pipe dream.

At CATCO Enterprises we create attraction and competitive benefit for businesses through holistic marketing. Comprehensive strategies that build relationships, honesty, integrity, and trust producing a positive marketing ROI (return on investment).

CATCO is different because we LISTEN and RESPOND, to the expert who knows your business best – YOU.  

I help socially conscious business owners break through the digital disconnect and attract more customers online using my 9 step framework for success.

As a woman in business, I know my natural qualities give me a huge advantage in real life, however at the beginning of my business journey I found it hard to express these talents online. Which was strange for me, because I was never someone who felt afraid to stand out and take risks as a child, in fact, I was pretty fearless!

Few people know that I was a speed demon (rev head) who raced go-karts for 4 years from age 13! Today I still have a love for fast cars and a flair for precision, strategy and attention to detail. Strangely, although when I was racing, I was happy to stand out, when it came to business, like many women, I let my results do the talking for me, and hid behind the CATCO Enterprises brand.

Although I loved meeting my clients face to face, when it came to my online presence, I realised it took a whole lot more courage to step up, stand out and be seen. It took many years of personal development before I decided to showcase my expertise of 20+ years by becoming increasingly visible online and owning the title of The Attraction Maven.

Now, I’m committed to supporting business owners to show-up confidently online and translate their real-world brilliance into their online presence with amazing digital marketing, web design and social media.

How CATCO Can Help You

CATCO can offer you powerful and responsive marketing that will grow your business using sophisticated electronic media, commercial print and promotion. We use strategies that really work for you.

From a simple flyer, to a complete online website shop, we have the right marketing strategies for your business needs.

Providing tailored marketing solutions for the exact needs of your small businesses, giving you the marketing results that you are looking for. The right tools, at the right time.

Your time is NOW!

What are you waiting for? I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Would you like to be a clients of CATCO Enterprises

Our vision is to provide powerful and responsive marketing that grows our client’s businesses
so that they can make a positive impact in their communities.

We create marketing solutions that delivers business growth to better our client’s lives.

CATCO Enterprises is Remarkable

Certified Practising Marketer

Certified Practising Marketer - Cathy Smith

Certified Practising Marketer – Cathy Smith

Digital Business Consultant - WP Elevation

Digital Business Consultant – WP Elevation

ICF Member - International Coaching Federation

ICF Member – International Coaching Federation 

Herrmann Certified Practitioner -HBDI

Herrmann Certified Practitioner -HBDI

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