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How Building Relationships with Your Customers Helps Your Business

three sparrows on a thin branchWhy do birds migrate in the winter? Olga the sparrow was a bird who liked to defy the traditions of her avian ancestors.

When her family began packing up to go to a warmer climate during the winter months, Olga stayed back. “No!” she said. “I don’t want to go anywhere. I will stay right here and everything will be fine. Just you wait and see.”

“You will freeze,” her mother warned.
Olga didn’t listen.
But soon enough, a chill stole over her.

No wonder everyone went to a warmer place for the winter – it was so cold here now! She started to wake up with frost on her wings, and the grass was half-frozen when she tried to pick up food from it.
“I’m going to have to follow my family after all,” Olga muttered and set off after them.

As she flew, the frost on her wings turned to solid ice.

Olga was so bogged down that she fell into a paddock next to a cow!
“Please help me,” she said to the cow.

“You are very silly to have taken so long to migrate,” the cow said, and then it turned around and pooped on Olga! How disgusting. But then Olga realised that it was warm, and her wings were being defrosted! She was saved! After a little while, she felt something beginning to dig her out of the poop and came face-to-face with a cat.

“Thank you for digging me out!” she said gratefully.
“What a lovely meal,” said the cat. “You are welcome, you are a delicacy at this time of year.”

Olga barely managed to fly away in time to avoid being the cat’s meal! She made it back to her family with some important lessons learned.

Not everyone who ‘poops’ on you is going to hurt you.
Not everyone who digs you out of the ‘poop’ is trying to help you.
And most of all… listen when the experts are giving you advice!

Could Collaborations Enhance Your Business’s Exposure?

two women shaking hands with each otherBusiness is built on relationships.
A great way to share your audience with another provider to add value.

There is nothing “icky” about cross-promotions. Done right, cross promotions are all about adding value. The value add, can be anticipating the client’s (yours or theirs) next need. Cross promotions can also include more than one service or provider.

Think about how airlines do with accommodation and car hire.
Accommodation with tours and entertainment.
Who could you join forces with and offer cross-promotions or gifts?

Leveraging someone else’s audience with a complimentary service is a great way to market your business.

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