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Are You Inspiring People with Your Business?

pouring milk on a coffee cupOne freezing winter morning, Charlotte was ordering a delicious hot coffee at a local cafe.

“You’re very lucky,” said the barista as he passed it to her. “We’ve just run out of beans, so this is the last coffee we’ll be able to sell for hours.”

“Thank goodness I got here in time,” Charlotte said, holding her coffee tight. It was so cold outside, and she was not looking forward to going out in the weather without something to keep her warm.

As she walked towards the exit to leave, she saw a young woman in a threadbare dress shivering outside the café. She looked very cold.

Without a second thought, Charlotte handed over her special hot coffee to the woman.

The woman protested but Charlotte insisted.

“It’s the right thing to do,” she said, and the woman thanked her a thousand times.

Then she walked to her office in the cold without a drink.

The next morning when Charlotte went to the local café, the barista refused to accept her money and even slipped an extra cookie in her order as a treat.

“Your good deeds inspired me to do good deeds as well,” he said.

Business Owners Solve Problems for Their ‘Tribe’ – Their Ideal Audience.

woman holding a bunch of balloonsWhen you help others, people take notice, and they may even help you or someone else as well. Pay it forward!

Business owners are here to help their customers with their problems. Sometimes this can be forgotten, and customers seem to be just interruptions. Don’t be “that” business owner or customer service person!

Who has seen you solving your customer’s pain points?

Inspiring people, is a great way to get your audience to take notice of you and your business.

I believe we are in business to make a bigger impact for our team, our community and our families.

Is your business making a big enough impact, helping people that need you and changing your customers lives?

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