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Are you listening to your customers?

Listening to your customers is importantWhen I was a kid we moved into a new, old home. New to us, however 50+ years old, at the end of the front verandah was a black rose. Yes black, not dark red, deep purple or any other colour but BLACK.

My Mum took a photo of it and after 12 photos were taken, off she went to the local chemist to have it sent away to the photo lad to be processed for $24. That might not sound as if it was much but it was a huge deal; in late 1970’s a price of a loaf of bread was 54c and that was from the bakery not a big subsidised supermarket.

The photos came back red. My Mum was devastated, she had spent all this time getting the right light, the composure, the angle on these photos of this precious BLACK rose. She repeated this process again and this time took it directly to the local photo and told the salesperson that the photos were of a BLACK rose and not a red rose and please don’t correct the colours. As you can imagine the cost was even higher this time unfortunately, the result was the same and the photos came back red again.

Listen to what your customers are sayingAre you listening to your customers?

The reason I tell you this story is because these 2 service providers didn’t listen to their customer, my Mum and assumed they know what she wanted? As a business owner have you ever made that assumption?

This product would be better for the client because they can’t afford the other one.

We have all hear stories of rich business people going into expensive car sales rooms in their garden clothes to see if they will get real service or not?

Customers like to buy not be sold too!

Tell your customers what they need to knowWhen offering your products and services are you giving enough information so that your customer can make a choice:

  1. To buy
  2. What to buy
  3. Have options

Customers of today are very savvy and can obtain reams of information in a heartbeat, are you being part of there sale journey, do you have the information they need on your website, promotional material?

Tell your customer what they want to know.

Customers often just need a little more information to help them with their choice. If you are being asked the same questions over and over the easiest way to address this have a Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your website.

Generally, the people that ask are just the tip of the iceberg and many more potential and current customers want to know but don’t want the hassle of asking, so just move on.

Give solutions to your customers problemWhat do my customers want to know?

Ask. It is a good practice to ask your customers if they are happy with your service, your products and if there are other things you could be doing to help them. It is far cheaper to keep loyal customers and get them to buy from you again than try to convince new customers to buy from you.

A lot of business’ spend far to much time and money trying to attract new customers with – this discount or that offer and quite often this approach can drive your existing customers to your competition because they are offering their “New” customers a better deal.

People are creatures of habit and we like easy.

The number 1 reason customers leave is indifference!

Customer will go through all the effort of finding a new supplier and leave your business when they think you don’t care. Caring, this is why a lot of big brand have loyalty programs where they are emailing, messaging and sending you things by snail mail to make you feel special and make sure you remember them.

Are you listening to your customers?

Today’s tip of the day is to listen to your customers, really listen and ask them questions about what they want and like. Go through your database and contact some old customers who you haven’t seen for a while and find out how you can help them now.

People like to deal with businesses they KNOW – LIKE – TRUST. To build trust is not as hard as you might think, start with the little things, start by listening to your current customers, make them feel special.

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