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Are You Marketing to The Wrong People?

FoxA fox named Robert was trying to make new friends and so he invited Merry the stork to dinner at his house.

Merry was delighted to be invited to Robert’s home! What a kind gesture. Robert promised to handle the entire evening – cooking his world-famous vegetable soup – and all she would have to do is show up at 8 o clock.

“What a lovely evening,” Merry said to herself as she tapped on Robert’s door with her long beak.

“Merry, I’m so glad you could come,” Robert said, leading her to the dining table.

When she sat down, Robert began to serve their dinner.
But he had put the soup in shallow bowls for both of them – and the bowl was too shallow for Merry to eat out of, with her long beak! She was left to sit and watch as Robert happily ate his own soup.

“Next time, you can come to my home for dinner,” Merry said as she left, deciding to be polite.

When Robert came to visit her for dinner the next week, it was to find that Merry was also serving soup! What a treat, he thought.

But when Merry served the soup to them, she poured it into two narrow vases that were very tall – perfect for a stork with a long narrow beak, but no good for a fox! Robert was unable to have any soup, and that was when he realised what he had done.

Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Be Tailored to Your Ideal Audience

Marketing concept with young woman on blue backgroundAre you serving shallow bowls to storks – marketing to the wrong people?

It is true that you can try to market to everyone but the majority of those people will not be interested because your product or service is not right for them. If you are wasting your marketing dollar on marketing that isn’t going to bring in your ideal customers, STOP!

There are better ways.
There are strategies.

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