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Are You Showing Up for Your Customers?

little boy dressed up like supermanA little boy called Tommy was waiting for the bus in front of his house. Tommy was dressed as Superman. With his red cape and neatly combed hair, he began humming the theme to his favourite TV show cheerfully.

A few minutes later, an old man joined him at the bus stop.
“Good morning, sir!” Tommy said.
“Be quiet, boy,” said the grumpy old man, sitting down on the bench next to Tommy. “Why are you dressed like that? You’re not Superman. You look ridiculous.”

Tommy looked at the old man and said, “I’m may not Superman to you, but my grandmother is in hospital and she calls me her hero. I dress up for her every day to see the smile on her face. So I am Superman – my grandmother’s Superman.”

Are You a Superhero in Your Business?

Are you showing up for your customers?

Your clients want to see that you are committed to and respect them and that you are passionate about solving their problems. If you make no effort to show up for them, no one will want to buy from you.

Do you feel like a superhero in your business?
The biggest reason clients leave a business is because they think you do not care.

Do your prospects see your marketing as superman – to their problem or just more noise in their day?

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