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Are You Telling People the Problem or the Solution?

photo of puzzle pieces2 friends, Lorraine and Julien, were doing a 30,000-piece jigsaw puzzle together over a few weeks. It was a very long and difficult puzzle.

They were tired and grumpy when Julien accidentally put a piece of the jigsaw in the wrong place. It started an argument. Lorraine began to yell at him for making a mistake when they had been working so hard to get it right.

Julien was hurt, but instead of saying anything he dipped his finger in his glass of water and wrote on a blank part of the desk,
“Today my best friend yelled at me.”

They kept working on the jigsaw after that. To change the mood and make them feel better Lorraine opened a box of snacks to eat. Julien took a yummy peanut one.

But he immediately began to choke!

Without hesitation, Lorraine jumped up and help Julien dislodge the peanut so he could breathe again.

Phew, that was scary.

After recovering his breath, Julien reached for a pen and wrote on the corner of the nearly completed jigsaw;
“Today my best friend saved my life.”

Julien’s water writing had faded within minutes, but his message on the jigsaw will last for many years to come.

Is Your Marketing Strategy Memorable or Forgettable?

digital marketingThe problems you can solve for your ideal client is what they will remember. Remember to focus on what they need help with.

Are you telling people the problem or the solution?
– writing down in pen instead of water.

The way that you market your business can completely change the way you are seen.

Need help to see the difference?

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