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Are You Trying to Make Your Marketing Load Lighter?

donkey carrying some loadBill was a middle-aged man who made his living selling produce at the local market. Each day Bill would load up his donkey called Ace with the bags of product that he was going to sell at the market.

One morning, Ace was loaded up with heavy bags of salt for Bill. Ace had been playing by the barn the day before and his back was sore. They headed off to the market! They went down a small dirt road, up a couple of hills, and then across a shallow river.

Bill stepped into the river first. He gently led Ace over the slippery stones and uneven ground of the riverbed.

It had been raining upstream and on this day the current was stronger than normal. As Ace reached the middle of the river, he took an uneasy step and the current pushed him sideways. Losing his footing, Ace slipped and fell.

Fortunately Ace was unharmed but as Bill helped him back up and they started walking, Ace realised that some of the salt in the bags had dissolved in the water when he’d fallen. This made the bags a lot lighter to carry, and then he began plotting for tomorrow.

The next day, Bill loaded Ace up as normal and they set off.

As they crossed the river again, Ace ‘accidentally’ fell into the water again!

But as he started walking on the other side, he realised that the bags felt heavier instead of lighter.

“I am sure that these bags of cotton will sell well,” Bill said to Ace, proud that he had gotten the cotton so early in the season. Ace suddenly realised his mistake as the wet cotton was now heavier and dripping down the sides of his legs.

Poor Ace!

There is No One Size Fits All for Marketing Your Small Business

marketing your small businessAre you trying to make your marketing load lighter?

Different things work for different businesses.

A bag of salt for one business may be easy and light – however for another it could be a bag of cotton? Is your marketing a bag of cotton, a weight on your back to bear, or an early opportunity to beat the crowd?

Need help working out the right approach for your marketing?

Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises Offers Tailored Solutions to Boost Your Business Marketing.

At CATCO Enterprises, we work to help service-based businesses who want a positive ROI (return on investment) on their marketing spend. Do you need to figure out what type of digital marketing will help your business grow without wasting money?

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