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Can we really have it all? Mastering work – life balance

Work Life Balance Is Possible In Your LifeWork-life balance is a term often used in discussions amongst business professionals, but what exactly does it mean? According to the dictionary, it is ‘The division of one’s time and focus between working, family and leisure activities.’ While this definition tells us what it is, it doesn’t indicate how much of each we should do. Why? As it’s not about splitting your time 50/50 between work and family/leisure, it’s about movement. To have balance there must always be room for movement.

Read on to learn more about mastering work-life balancing including:

  • Work-life balance can be seasonal
  • Make your well-being a priority
  • Avoid striving for perfection
  • Value family time
  • Schedule ‘me time’
  • Set Goals


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Work-life balance can be seasonal

Work-life balance is often seasonal depending on what is happening in your life at the time. If preparing for a launch or new project, work is a high priority. If you are having a baby, planning an event or on holidays, then family will take most of your attention. Don’t worry about being in a ‘work season’ or a ‘family season’, just remember to make sure it is only a season, not the new normal.

Make your well-being a priority

Find Your Happy PlaceThere is no doubt that working all the time is not healthy. Stress is a major contributor of modern illness and diseases. We need to making looking after ourselves and our wellbeing, both mental and physical, a priority.

Avoid striving for perfection

Overachievers often strive for perfection. However, very few things if any are perfect. In business you must be prepared to put yourself or product out, gain valuable feedback and adjust accordingly.

Value Your Family Time

Mobile phones make us be live in an instant society. In order to be present, you must be disciplined to unplug when with family. That means put your phone out of sight and spend quality time with them. Go back to basics including making eye contact, active listening, asking questions and wait for the answers not just your time to talk. Enjoy your time no matter what activities you are doing and be present so you can make a difference. It’s not always about quantity but quality

Schedule “me time”

It is important to schedule regular time to yourself. Choose the day and time, add it to your diary and make it a no-negotiable, just as you would any other appointment. Setting Goals is ImportantUse this appointment to exercise, meditate, walk the dog, and go to the beach. Think you’re too busy? 30 minutes to an hour each day is all you need so be disciplined enough to make it a priority.

Set Goals

With motivation, commitment and accountability you can move mountains. Set yourself goals. It is easier to get to your destination is you have a map to follow. Set time aside in your diary to do the most important task of your day first.

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