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The Client:

Pauline Bright Business Designer

I DO see potential and I’m very good at painting a picture of what a person’s business could look like in the future. Then I roll up my sleeves and work with them to make it happen.

Do you have ideas, ambitions and you know you’re capable of “more”, but you don’t know what that looks like let alone how to make it happen? Take a breath. Then take a tour – synchronicity has occurred and you’re about to find a whole new way of running a business without sacrificing yourself in the process.

The Journey

Pauline Bright needed to streamline her business websites.

Pauline had two websites that no longer worked for her. They needed to be blended to become one which brought to light the new direction of the business to become “Business Designer” Someone who can help you to innovation – turning IDEAS – (especially the wild ones!), into BUSINESSES with long term viability delivering personal, social and financial rewards beyond that of an ordinary business.

CREATE - Client's Goal

Pauline’s brief was I have broken links, things that no longer work and 2 websites that no longer serve me; can you fix this for me?

Pauline had been in business for many years and over that time collected software, applications and services that “HAD” all served her well, now it was time to build a website, a single website that would serve her now and into the future.

In progress


A complete redesign was needed to bring all of Pauline’s assets together and reduce her now unneeded applications.

A modern “bright” look was decided on. Pauline’s website was structured to be the conduit between her free resources, social media and paid courses creating an informational one stop shop where clients and potential clients can find everything that they need to brighten their businesses.

“You want your life and your business to be “more” … more meaningful … and rewarding… and enjoyable. With more time off!” As Pauline says and now her new website makes it so much easier for all.

CONNECT – The Outcome

Here’s what Pauline had to say about her experience working with CATCO Enterprises.

Cathy is brilliantly helpful and patient. She upgraded and revamped my website and nothing was ever a problem for her. “Yes, we can do that” was her calm response to my continual questions and requests. Love that! Thanks Cathy – we did it!

Pauline Bright