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The Client:

Parkfield Primary School

Parkfield Primary School is an Independent Public School which has been proudly educating young children for 25 years and has gained a strong reputation and culture as a leading primary public educational institution.

The Journey

Being an Independent Public School Parkfield Primary School needed to have an up to date modern website. The previous website so difficult to update and that lead to it becoming out of date.

The website needed to be the central location that parents or careers of current and potential students can come to get relevant information about the school especially during the holidays.

CREATE - Client's Goal

The new website needed to reflect the school’s virtues and be easy to navigate and changed to make sure it is always up to date.

Parkfield Primary School is very much the hub of the surrounding community. The school often is involved in fundraising and community events and these events need to be able to be showcased on the website.

In process girl an guy


CATCO Enterprises process included liaising with the school and P&C to access their needs. The result was to provide an up to date robust website that reflected the activities occurring in the school that could be updated easily.

CONNECT – The Outcome

Here’s what Zena had to say about her experience working with CATCO Enterprises.

CATCO, thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity in designing Parkfield Primary School’s new website. It looks fresh, colourful and very easy to navigate.

Thank you also for your timely response to adding current and new information and troubleshooting website technical difficulties.

Zena Dyer