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Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy For Your Business

display of watermelon for saleJoe, the greengrocer is setting up a display of fresh watermelons. These watermelons are really good he chuckles to himself and cuts one up and adds big pieces to the sample tray. I think I’ll price these at $3 each. Joe gets a chalkboard and liquid chalk and makes a fancy sign.

By mid-morning the watermelons are selling well. These are really nice watermelons and Joe would like them to sell better. He makes another sign and adds it to the front of the watermelon display.

3 watermelons for $10.

A boy comes in and buys a watermelon, and then an hour later he comes back and buys another. The same boy comes in and buys a third watermelon. He walks away with a huge smile on his face.

The watermelons are selling much quicker now. Maria notices that the customers all seem to be happy and are chatting more with Joe than usual but at the end of the interaction, Joe puts on a sad face and then thanks them before they walk away.

Joe is serving a man who has been in 3 times that day. He is buying a watermelon and as an afterthought, asks for a $1’s worth of bananas. Maria moves closer so that she can hear what is going on.

“Enjoy your watermelon and bananas Charlie,” Joe says.
“I definitely will thanks. And Joe do you know what?” Charlie asked.
“What?” Joe says innocently.
“Your sign is wrong. 1 watermelon for $3, 3 times is cheaper than buying 3 watermelons for $10.”
“Oh!” Joe says. “Thank you for telling me”, Joe adds his sad face.
“I just got my bananas for free”. Charlie beams widely turning and leaving the store.

As they are closing up Maria asks Joe about the sign. Joe is a smart man who has been in business for many years and would never make a mistake like that and especially not fix it after he has obviously been corrected now for days.

woman buying watermelon on market“Joe, what is going on with the watermelon sign”, Maria asks.
“What do you mean?” Joe says with a twinkle in his eye.
“Well, it is clearly wrong and even when the customers tell you it is wrong you have not fixed it.”
Joe laughed and went on to tell Maria about the sign. Charlie only ever came into the shop once a week and generally only spent $3, this week he had come 3 times and even bought his “free bananas”, a total purchase of $10.

Win-Win Strategy

Most of the other people that bought the watermelon came back in and bought 2 more. The people that told him the sign was wrong were very happy that they had got a bargain. These same people usually only bought 1 watermelon and sometimes like Charlie they even bought something else with their “savings”.

“No Maria, I am not going to fix the sign. Having it be wrong is a win for everyone”. Joe chuckled and gave Maria a hug.

It is all about perceived value.
How can you create a win for your clients where you also win?  If you want to have a winning marketing strategy tailored to your business needs, contact Cathy and have a chat.