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Creating the Right Website for Your Business

old man sitting down in a benchEugene was an old man who lived in a small town.

The other people in the village avoided Eugene. If anyone ran into him, they would quickly run the other way or make an excuse because he was always in a bad mood and would never stop complaining about everything; his work, his house, his family, the weather and everything else in between.

Everyone in the village was tired of Eugene. He was a hard worker and had his own gardening business, but he was so badly tempered that no one wanted to be near him.

His unhappiness was so strong that it was almost contagious.

One day on Eugene’s 80th birthday, a strange rumour began circulating the village.

“Have you heard? Eugene is smiling.”

Another villager was curious and went to Eugene’s house to investigate. He was sitting on his porch, smiling and drinking a cup of tea, watching the sky. Instead of complaining, he simply said,

“Good afternoon. I hope you’re having a great day.”

The villager asked him what had caused his change of behaviour.

Eugene looked at them and said,

“80 years I’ve been trying to make my life perfect, and it’s never worked out.

I’ve finally given up and I’ve never felt better.

Do you know how many things I’ve succeeded at now because I haven’t been trying to get it perfect?”

Business Websites Speak to Your Ideal Audience for You.

smiling woman in front of the computerMany business owners suffer because they end up like Eugene; trying so hard to make the perfect business and the perfect product/service without really getting anything done.

You need to get out there. Perfection isn’t as good as having a working business that makes you happy instead of stressed out all the time. Done is always better than perfect and you can’t help people if they don’t know you exist.

There are many reasons to have a website and different ways to use them, but your website must work for your business and your needs.

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