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Do I need a Website or is Social Media Enough for my Business

Do I need a Website or is Social Media enoughDigital marketing has come a long way over time. In previous decades, digital marketing wasn’t relied up to run a business however today, for most businesses, it is crucial. While social media is great and should be part of your business marketing, it should not be all it. Social media is a fantastic tool for brand awareness, to talk to your audience and drive traffic. However, it’s important to drive that traffic further than only social media platforms.

Do you need a website? Yes!


It gives your brand a central home and meet customer expectations by showing you have a serious business.

Read on to learn why social media isn’t enough for your business and the importance of having a professional website including:

  • A website adds value, information and resources
  • Easy navigation will keep customers on your website
  • Keep your business branding up to date

A website adds value, information and resources

A website adds value, gives information and provides resources, giving customers access to everything they need to know about your business.  Social media is a bridge between you and your customer, and your website the home. It allows you to continue the conversation, started on social media, bringing all your social media platforms together in one place.

Easy navigation will keep customers on your website

Women running a business through a laptopWhile your website may look the part, it must also be easy to navigate. The easier it is for customers to find the information they are looking for, the longer they will stay. Pay close attention to grouping similar content together and each page having one main topic with links to areas that are similar. Clear navigation to content rich pages is also the key to google listing your website.

Keep your business branding up to date

To install confidence and ensure you connect and build trust with new and existing customers, your website must reflect the look and feel of your businesses current branding. While drag and drop website builders may look good, they don’t always allow for custom branding of your business.

Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises helps businesses attract their dream customers easily online

Cathy Smith has run the same Marketing Agency for more than 19 years and has helped hundreds of business owners achieve their marketing goals. Cathy’s passion and knowledge for digital marketing has helped thousands of businesses reach their dream customers easily online.

To build a new website, increase traffic to your existing website or develop a digital marketing strategy for your business call Cathy on 0409 489 464 today.