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Do You Have Plans For Growing Your Business?

Lady looking surprise at the dressThe café that Marie the waitress worked at were discussing bonuses for their staff.

On Marie’s shift the café had started to run out of sugar. Marie’s boss sent her to collect more from the supermarket down the road. Marie agreed readily, making her way along the busy street to buy the sugar.

On her way back, she saw a beautiful dress in the window of a shop.
Checking out the price tag revealed it was more than all her savings combined.

“If I get a bonus for doing a good job at work, I will be able to get it!” Marie said to herself, smiling.
With a bonus, she would be able to purchase the beautiful dress and make all her friends jealous!

Delighted, she began running quickly back to the café with the bag of sugar carried in her arm. The faster she got there, the faster she would be able to earn her boss’s favour and collect that dress. Her boyfriend would surely love it too!

Marie was so distracted by her dream of the lovely dress and the parties she could wear it too; that she did not see her boss standing outside the café, and she ran straight into him!

Sugar went everywhere.
Including all over her very unimpressed boss.

Hands up creating the word goalsMarie did not get her bonus that day.
She had been so focused on her end goal and did not remember that to get there you must follow the steps.

The Small Details in Your Marketing Strategy Make a Difference

Are you looking out into the distance and forgetting the small details that create a fabulous customer experience. Have you forgotten about your customers all together? How are you keeping your existing customers happy while gaining new ones too?
A targeted marketing strategy can bring bonuses for your business.

If you don’t have a plan, you could end up like Marie, with sugar everywhere.
Contact Cathy and let’s chat about your business marketing plans.