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Does Your Marketing Have a Connection to Your Audience?

Frustrated employee overloaded with workMoby Dick’s author Herman Melville wrote a short story called Bartleby, the Scrivener. This story is quite different from Moby Dick, and is an interesting story about a man who works as a clerk in a Wall Street office.
Bartleby is having a bit of a hard time and is suffering from a nervous breakdown.
He is completely unable to do his work!

He lives in his office!

Despite Bartleby’s issues, the man who runs the office continues to keep him on. This is likely out of pity for Bartleby’s situation and the hardships that the man is experiencing. Even though the whole story is a bit of a disaster for everyone, we learn to love Bartleby and his interactions with his teammates in the office.

The beauty of this story is in the relationships and connections that the team has, because even though Bartleby is a mess but he is part of their culture.

It shows how easily connections can elevate us or drag us down.
Does your marketing have a connection to your people/audience?

Connection is Everything

Successful and happy business teamThat ability to forge relationships, to elevate your business, your clients and your partners is so powerful. When doing your marketing, remember to keep your people top of mind.

What you they want, need, feel and react?
Emotions sells, how are you making them feel?
Tap into identifying your ideal audiences’ problems and be the answer. Articulate it better than they can then you will become the only solution.

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