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Does Social Media Marketing Work?

statue of a woman2 women, Candice and Natasha, were stranded on a desert island after their boat was wrecked during a storm. The women stumbled across a stone statue of a deity and decided that they would ask it to help them on the island.

They both touched the statue’s hands and asked it for help in turn; Candice in the morning, Natasha at night.

Natasha asked for food, and the next morning, a fruit tree appeared near her! She ate all the delicious fruits without pausing for a second, as hungry as she was.

Meanwhile, Candice had nothing.

This time, Natasha asked the statue for a comfortable bed to sleep on. Sure enough, when she opened her eyes that morning, a mattress – still covered in plastic and nice and dry! – washed up on the shore in front of her.

Again, Candice had nothing.

Finally, Natasha asked the statue for a boat so that she could escape the island. Sure enough, a cruise yacht came sailing past and stopped to wave at Natasha, who packed her fruits and mattress and began to leave.

As she did, the statue came to life!

“Why are you leaving your friend behind?” the statue asked.
“Only my wishes were granted. It’s my effort that got the boat here,” Natasha said. “Why would I?”
“But I did grant Candice’s wish,” the statue said. “She wished for your wishes to come true.”

How Does Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram Help My Business Grow?

woman hands holding a phone with laptop in the background

Are you discounting the people who help you grow your business?

Sometimes business owners think that social media marketing ‘doesn’t do anything because the customers that come to them do not explicitly tell them that they are purchasing because of social media.

Customers often need more than one way to get their attention before they buy. Never cut off the hand that feeds.

Even when you are your customers, how they found you, they may not remember. Customers who are not ready to buy and need a little more help to see you as the solution. Marketing helps many purposes and often does more than get you in front of brand new customers; it can

  • Reminds a return customer of the good experience they had
  • Allows potential audiences to learn more about you
  •  Offers other methods of contact with your business
  • The person seeing your posts may not need your product/service, but they recommend to a friend who does.


Social media marketing works in many different ways, often ones that are not as obvious from the beginning.

Do you need help working out how it could bring you success?

Get in Touch with Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises for Social Media Marketing That Grows Your Business.

The key to business success online is quality, consistent, original content. Cathy Smith helps service-based businesses who want a positive ROI (return on investment) on their marketing spend. If social media is causing you nothing but headaches and is a massive time waster then you need help!

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