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Does Your Business Need a Marketing Tuneup?

New marketing ideaRunning a successful business is not always as glamourous as we are lead to believe. You have to try and work on the business while working in the business. In the beginning, you are “ the everything” and as time goes on, you need to learn to delegate and let some of these tasks go as other team members and staff are brought into the business.

Light Bulb Moment

Often we learn so much that we replace some of the things that we used to know. Have you ever been to a seminar or had a conversation with someone and listen to them talk about a subject and had a “light bulb” moment. Geez, I know that… How long ago was it since you had thought about it? Something the old becomes new again and maybe, just the solution you are looking for.

Having someone look from the outside into your business might be just what you need. Not because you didn’t know how to run your business or know what the solution is. For that matter you even knew you that had a problem, an outside perspective will always be different. Not right, not better but different and together, you may be amazed at the ideas you can come up with.

Marketing Tuneup for your business is importantThings We Know?

As part of my job, I write / check, post a lot of articles. These articles need to be 300 words or more. Way back when someone showed me to check the word count by going review/word count in the word so that is always how I do it. Today, my new assistant watched me do that and said: “I always just look at the bottom of the screen”. Bottom left is the word count.

Did I know this?
I have no idea, if I did, I sure have forgotten it!

Does Your Business Need a Marketing Tuneup?

What have you missed? Not seen the forest for the trees?

Maybe your website needs a fresh look, an outside perspective?
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