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Does Your Marketing Really Work for Your Business?

cute scarecrowHow easily can you snap a branch in two?
How about 3 branches?

Farmer Jacob was having trouble with pests in his crops. The crops were his livelihood, so he needed to do something about them – fast! He went to a shop nearby and bought all the shop assistant’s recommendations for getting rid of pests.

On the first day, he set up the scarecrow he’d bought.
The birds stayed away, but the bugs and vermin did not!
The next day he packed away the scarecrow and set to work using pesticides.
The bugs were gone but the vermin were still here, and the birds had returned!
On the third day, Jacob gave up on the pesticide and started building a fence.
The fence kept out the vermin, but the bugs and birds would not leave his crops alone!
“Nothing is working,” he lamented to his wife Janice, who looked at him thoughtfully for a moment.
“You know that saying about using a combination of things?” she said to him.
The next day Jacob left the fence up, and then he set up the scarecrow as well and began using the pesticides. He did this for 3 days and on the 3rd day he noticed that his crops were flourishing again – no vermin, no bugs, and no birds.

Connecting Your Digital Marketing Efforts Helps Grow Your Business Effectively

Are you using your marketing strategies consistently and tied together with each other?
Social media works better if you have a website to send your audience to.
Websites work better if you are using Google to send you visitors who are your potential customers.
Google work best when your messaging is clear and easy to understand.

digital marketingUsing a combination of tailored methods to improve your marketing is the best way to grow your business consistently.

Does your marketing really work for your business bringing you in qualified leads month after month?

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