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Exploring the Marketing Options for Your Business

photo of a beautiful bulbHere in Australia, we live in a land of contrast.

Summer is over and it was 40C days in the West and flooding in the East. Our resources and resilience were pushed to the limit. Shortages of common necessities have become the norm, something that few generations have seen in their lifetimes.

Many people had to ask for help.

To top it off the uncertainty of the ever-changing “virus” and the constant moving of the goalposts around travel, gatherings, events and many things that we regarded as commonplace just a few years ago.

Out of all this chaos and despair came glimpses of hope, amazing stories of courage and communities being drawn together like never before.

Just like a Summer Lily springs up and flowers so beautifully, seemingly from nothing.

I love bulbs.

You plant them, tender them and they produce an amazing show. Then they die off and are often forgotten until the next year when they have multiplied and proceed again.

Does Your Marketing Strategy Work for Your Business Type & Niche?

Marketing can be like these beautiful bulbs. Often you do the work ahead of time and the results are not seen until later. It is wise to use a plant the correct marketing “seeds” for your “garden” (market) and remember it is not a one size fits all!

marketing planWould you like to explore the marketing options for your business?

Sometimes it is about planting the seed and other times potted colour for an instant effect is needed.

Connect to Your Potential Customers Effectively with Marketing Expert Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises.

Cathy Smith has run the same marketing agency, CATCO Enterprises, for more than 20 years and has helped hundreds of business owners achieve their marketing goals. Cathy’s passion and knowledge for digital marketing has helped thousands of businesses reach their dream customers easily online.

If you are ready to move on to a marketing strategy and website that makes you money instead of costing you, contact Cathy today and let’s get started.