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How Are You Approaching Your Business Marketing?

delicious apples in a barrelIt was a beautiful sunny day in a small farming town. The weather was so amazing that a few of the town folk got together to suggest they all go on holiday early this year. On the agreed day they all met at the town square ready to travel to the beach in convoy for their month’s summer holiday.

Their cars packed, they were just about to leave when they realised someone was missing.

“Where is William?” Joe, William’s neighbour asked.
Maybe he was late or had forgotten what day it was.
It was a short drive back to William’s orchard, so Joe volunteered to go back and check on William.

When Joe arrived at William’s orchard, William was hard at work picking apples.
“Come on, William!” he said. “It’s such nice weather, now is the time to enjoy life! Put down your baskets and get in the van!”

“When the harvest is finished, I will take my holiday,” William said.
Disappointed, Joe returned back to the town square and everyone headed off without William.

One month later after having had an incredible beachside holiday, they returned home.
What a sight they saw; all the apples were spoilt, on the ground, bird-pecked and rotting. They had nothing to eat, nothing to sell, and nothing to do – except for William.

William had picked all his produce, sold some and stored some for eating and seed saving. From his profits, he had enough left to book himself a lovely beach house for a month.

William’s fortune: was it luck, timing or skill?

How Are You Marketing Your Business?

marketing strategyHow are you approaching your business marketing?

Is your digital marketing strategy ‘hit and miss?’

Often business owners spend a few hours every now and then posting whatever come to mind on their social media, or a huge flurry of posts and then they disappear again, sometimes for months.

This kind of strategy confuses your prospects and can actually harm your business instead of growing it.

You need to be consistent.

If you don’t have the time to manage your own digital marketing strategy in a way that works, find someone who can help you! Marketing is important to make sure your previous customers remember you, staying top of mind when they are ready to buy again and so that new customers find you.

Ready to get started with a digital marketing strategy that works for you?

Contact Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises for Digital Marketing That Makes You Money Instead of Costing.

Cathy Smith is on a mission to make sure that small businesses thrive and for their marketing to do what it is supposed to do – make them money. Cathy’s passion and knowledge for digital marketing has helped thousands of businesses reach their dream customers easily online. With CATCO Enterprises, you can be sure that your business marketing will be on track.

Want to get more value out of your social media posting? Contact Cathy and have a chat.