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How Are You Communicating with Your Customers and Team?

delicious croissants with coffeeSteve Wynn – founder of Wynn Resort & Casino – was on vacation in France with his family. They were staying at an upmarket hotel and ordered their breakfast to be delivered to their room, a beautiful breakfast with delicious croissants and other delicacies.

His daughter ate half of her croissant and then left the other.
“It’s fine. I will eat it later,” she said.

Steve and his family then left the hotel to explore the sights and streets of Paris. What a beautiful city!

When they came back, Steve’s daughter was hungry and went to get her croissant-
But the croissant was gone!
Steve’s daughter was disappointed.
Perhaps housekeeping had decided to throw it away?

When they checked the phone in the hotel room, there was a message left for them. Housekeeping had indeed thrown the croissant away, but they had assumed that Steve’s daughter would prefer new fresh pastries instead.

Going into the kitchen area, the family found fresh croissants and a message from room service to say more could be delivered whenever they wanted.

Have You Evaluated the Communication Skills in Your Business?

a woman at a front desk answering her phoneWhat fabulous communication from the hotel to their customers!
Internal and external communication is so important in a business. Empowering your team to help your clients is critical.

  • Do you go the extra mile for your customers?
  • Keeping in touch with them even after the transaction is done?
  • How do you leave messages for your ideal customers, to bring them into your business?


Getting your message right and marketing it correctly is so important.

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