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How Are You Measuring Your Business Marketing?

replica model of a fighter planeA boy named Tim and his father Jacob were visiting a museum with a big exhibit on World War 2.

Tim loved to hear all the stories about the war and was dragging his father around from place to place excitedly until he stopped in front of a replica model of a fighter plane. “Wow!” he said, eyes the size of the moon.

“While the war was going on,” Jacob said, looking at the plane, “a lot of these planes would come back with bullet holes in their wings. Because so many of them came back with bullet holes in the wings, what do you think they did?”

Tim thought for a moment and then said, “protect the wings?”

“Yes,” Jacob said. “But there was a very clever man called Abraham Wald, and he pointed out that all the planes with bullet holes in their wings were the planes that were coming back.”

“So the wings didn’t need protecting!” Tim said.

“No,” Jacob said. “It was the other parts of the plane they needed to protect more.”

Once they learned that then they could make the better planes.

It’s not always about the evidence you do have, often it is the evidence you don’t have that makes the biggest difference.

Statistics Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Are you measuring the wrong things in your marketing?

Looking in the wrong place can have disastrous results to your business’s online presence. Just looking at how many people called you from your website or social media doesn’t give you the results on;

  • Who will remember you when they do need your product/service
  • Who will tell their friends and family about you
  • What kind of an impact you have on your community


Test, measure, evaluate, but always look at every piece of evidence that you can.

You may be surprised at what you find! Numbers for numbers sake will never make a great business.

Great businesses are built on happy, repeat customers not outward facing numbers or vanity metrics.

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