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How Can I Grow My Business Without Paid Ads?

whatsapp logo on phoneA young woman named Charlotte was upset because her family could not afford all the expensive textbooks; she needed to attend a course on computer coding. They had struggled to afford the course at all. Her mother heard her crying and came to sit down next to her. She held her hand.

“Charlotte, you know that program you use to talk to your friends?” she asked.
“Yes Mum, it’s called WhatsApp.”
“Do you know the man who created WhatsApp?” her mother asked.
Charlotte shook her head.

“His name is Jan Koum, and he came from a family who had money problems.
His mother would babysit for a living, and Jan had to work as a cleaner while he was still young. Jan didn’t even go to university.”
“But WhatsApp is so successful!” Charlotte said.
“Yes, it is now,” Charlotte’s mother said. “That just proves to you that it’s not about education; it’s about making yourself a master in the things you want to achieve.

There are a million ways to do something right.

All you have to do is look for a solution that you can do.
Jan Koum worked very hard, and then he made billions of dollars when he sold WhatsApp.

What other paths can we take to help you grow?
Is there another way you can get access to those textbooks?” Charlotte’s mother asked.

Does Web Design and Digital Marketing for My Business Work?

Sometimes the path to business success is not as straightforward as you might think.
Have you used paid ads for your business?

marketing through paid advertisingPaid ads is just one way of marketing!

Paid advertising might seem like a fantastic idea, and it can be. But you don’t need it to have a successful marketing strategy that gets you an audience that will love you, that recommends you and buy from you your money could be wasted.

Consistent organic marketing that builds your audience can make a big impact. Posting regularly and keeping up with quality content, will often achieve better results than you would from a paid ad here or there.

Call Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises for Content Strategy and Digital Marketing That Grows Your Business.

Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises helps you and your business create an ongoing content strategy that keeps your business top of mind with your ideal audience.  Marketing doesn’t have to be hard, and it won’t be if you have the right strategy that makes you money.

Contact Cathy to learn more.