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How Can Positive Feedback Grow My Business?

a family of pigeonsJoe wanted to catch a family of pigeons.

He planned carefully for the birds – he laid out a net with very small holes across the grass in his backyard, and then he threw some seed and fruit over the top and walked away. Soon, the pigeons took notice of the unattended food and flocked in to eat it.

As they ate the food though, their feet became stuck in the net!

The pigeons tumbled and tried to run and got even more stuck, as Joe began to advance on them and they started to lose hope.

Sam, a clever pigeon; seeing the other pigeons beginning to panic, called out, “Friends! Let’s all fly up together into the sky!”

When Joe got close, the pigeons all took off into the air – taking the net with them!
They carried the net away and travelled far away. When they safely reached another neighbourhood, a kind woman took notice and helped cut them free of the trap.

Small Businesses Thrive on Referrals

Working together makes a difference.

Do you ask your happy customers to leave you reviews and testimonials, and do you share these with your audience as proof of your successful and hard work? Sharing consistent feedback is a great way to grow your business, and it is especially powerful when you have others to back you up.

Do you need a leader to help you get off the ground, or more pigeons to help you take off?

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