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How Can You Make Your Customer’s Journey to Change Smoother?

beautiful view of the beachMy beach is ever changing.
Of course it is not actually “My Beach”.
It is my beach of choice and I come here a lot.
One of the things I love about it, is that it does change.

The tides come and go, the sand is removed and replaced. Sometimes it is hard and flat, others soft and step. In the winter, the storms bring in the rubbish that has found its way to the sea. In the summer there are people swimming, fishing, walking, sitting, reflecting and playing.

I love this beach and one day, I will have a house that has this beach as my view.

Change is great for beaches and views; however not great for business.

Why Change is Not Always Good For Business

prepare for changeThe super chains do so well, not because they give great service or even have great products because on the whole they don’t. Not even because they are cheap because once you add “your fries with that”, often they are not.

They do so well because they are consistent, they, do not change. Go to any store within the country and they will be exactly the same. Any store outside of your country maybe not exactly the same, but close enough for alarm bells not to ring.

How about your business, so is your customers experience on the first interaction, second and third? Are they all pretty close? Or are you off chasing the next new shiny client?

Human generally don’t like change, how can you make your customers journey smoother? It all starts with your marketing.

Want to know more? If you need some help to make your change journey smooth as possible, contact Cathy and let’s have a chat.