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How Long Before Digital Marketing Strategies Start Working for My Business?

Photo of a white ropeMark got a summer job leading elephants around his local town for tourists. On his first day, he noticed that none of the elephants were caged or restrained for the night. Instead, they were all housed in a paddock with a single rope tied around one ankle of each animal. Checking the rope confirmed that it was just ordinary rope, nothing that could hold an elephant if it wanted to escape.

“Aren’t you worried they will get free?” he asked his coworker, Brian.
“No,” Brian said. “Watch them. They don’t even try.”
Sure enough, Brian was right.

“Are the elephants sick?” Mark asked his boss when they arrived the next morning.
“No, why,” the boss said.
“None of the elephants try to escape,” Mark said.
“No, they don’t know they can. They just think they’re helpless.
You see when the elephants are very young, we tie a piece of rope around their ankle. They pull on it but they can’t get it off because as babies they are too small. They try for a few days and then realise they can’t do it and never try again. So even now they have grown up, they don’t try because they believe that the rope is stronger than they are.”

Are You Giving Up Before You Have The Chance to Succeed in Your Business?

What is your business rope – something you tried early on in your business that didn’t work, so you never tried again?

marketing strategyWas it your marketing?

Did you try something and look for an instant result?

Some things that you do with marketing are instant and others are not. Did you give up too soon?

You can’t always see physical evidence of your marketing strategy working straight away. It is easy to give up on it when you are not measuring the results properly. It can make a bigger difference than you think – staying top of mind for your ideal audience can be the tipping point they need to buy from you or recommend you to others to buy.

There are a number of different marketing strategies that will work for your business depending on what your long term goals are and what you are trying to achieve.

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