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How to Attract An Audience to Your Website?

foxes wandering around rocks in a forestA pair of foxes, Jim and Lucy, were on a walk in the bush when they noticed a wild boar standing next to a large rock, scraping his tusks neatly against it.
“What’s he doing?” Jim asked.
“It looks like he’s sharpening his tusks on that rock,” Lucy said.
“But there are no predators around,” Jim said. “Why is he wasting all that effort?”

At this, the boar overheard their conversation and turned around to face the two foxes with his shiny, sharp, dangerous tusks reflecting the morning sun. “There are no predators now,” he said. “But you never know when something will appear. The world is full of opportunities, and I won’t have time to sharpen my tusks when a bear is chasing after me.”

Preparing ahead of time is important in all aspects of your business.
Having systems in place, ensuring you have the correct paperwork, and checking on your finances, there are so many factors for a business.

Prepare Ahead of Time With Your Marketing

If you have a strong, planned, tailored marketing strategy to bring in your audience, you will be better prepared to sell to them.

This includes your business website.

Can someone looking for your solution find you by searching on Google for it. Can they access your website wherever they are?
Having all this ready means you will be able to guide your potential customers on their buyer’s journey seamlessly.

One of my clients complained that he couldn’t attract buyers to his website.
I asked him where the products that you could buy, were?

Woman consulting client on phoneOh, I haven’t taken photos of them yet.
He took the photos, and they were loaded onto his website.
Now when he gets calls, he can easily direct people to see the available stock.
Buyers can also find his stock via Google.

Soon after the photos were loaded, he rang me excitedly to tell me he now had buyers coming from his website!

Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises Can Give You a Tailored Marketing Strategy That Fits Your Business

Your customers can’t buy from you, if you do not have things for sale.
If they can’t see it, they don’t know you have it.
“I am not a big fan or build it and they will come”.

But you do have to build it and then let people know you have stock available for sale.

Don’t be your industries best kept secret.

If you need help with getting your website in order, get in touch with Cathy today.