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How to Attract the Right Customers for Your Business

a bowl of chicken soupHave you read any ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books?
Which was your favourite?

Authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are household names now, but they weren’t always. Did you know it took them over 130 different publishers and even a few different agents before a small publisher in Florida finally decided to accept their pitch for Chicken Soup for the Soul?

“No one wants to read 100 inspirational stories,” one of the publishers told them.
How wrong they were!

Now both Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are very successful. There are now 276 different Chicken Soup for the Soul books with over 500 million copies sold all around the world.
What would their lives have been like if they had just given up?

Don’t give up!
Having a strong vision, perseverance and goals in mind can really change everything.

Could Marketing Help Me Find the Perfect Audience?

If you aren’t attracting the right customers for your business, even a slight tweak in your marketing could change everything. That 130th publisher could be right there waiting for you.

  • Who are you trying to sell to?
  • Where is the best place?
  • How do you reach them?
  • What is the best message?


Go back to basics and make sure you have the fundamentals right, so that you could reach them. Sometimes we just get too fancy when all we need is a bit of chicken soup!

What is your message – do you even remember?

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