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How to Catch a Potential Customer’s Eye When Marketing

crow sitting in the branch of a treeToday I’d like to share a story about a King.

King Akbar lived a very boring life filled with the same court business day in and day out.

During the summer he thought of a way to make his life more interesting – he would ask his court a question every week and they would have to answer it.
The winner would get a prize.

The first questions were simple. ‘What was my mother’s name?’ ‘What is my favourite meal?’ and then King Akbar asked a question that no one in the court could answer.

While they deliberated, a man named Birbal walked in and asked what the matter was.

King Akbar asked him, “How many crows are there in the city?”

Birbal immediately smiled. He announced the answer right away; “There are twenty-one thousand, five hundred and twenty-three crows in the city.”

“How do you know, Birbal?” the King asked.

Birbal replied, “You think I am wrong? Ask your men to count the number of crows. If there are more, then the relatives of the crows must be visiting them from nearby cities. If there are fewer, then the crows from our city must be visiting their relatives who live outside the city.”

Pleased with such an interesting answer, Akbar presented Birbal with a ruby and pearl chain.

Your Digital Marketing Efforts Should Make You Money.

Are you catching your target market’s eye?

  • Yes, you can solve their problem
  • Yes, you are marketing your business regularly
  • Yes, you are working hard

But you are not making them go ‘yes, that’s exactly what I need!’

Birbal gets the prize because he not only has an answer for King Akbar, but he can also explain WHY he has the solution to the problem. If you are not telling your potential customers why they should choose you, they won’t choose you at all!

Want marketing that makes you the prize in your potential customer’s eyes?

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