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How to Communicate Effectively in Business?

Hands on laptop showing the virtual worldCommunicating effectively is crucial in business. If you are not talking to people in a way they understand, it can affect all aspects of your business. We must remember our customers, employees and partners don’t know the goods or services we provide how we do. Getting your message right, the first time, can save a lot of frustration for you and the people you interact with.

When communicating you should remember the 7 C’s. Be concise, clear, correct, courteous, credible, coherent and complete.

Read on to learn how to communicate effectively in business including:

  • Communicate to solve your customers problems
  • Are you proof reading your text?
  • Communication is not only the words you say and the words you send

Communicate to Solve Your Customers Problems

After cash flow, direct communication is the most important part of your business. If you communicate clearly, customers will know that you can provide a solution to their problem.

Approximately 68% of customers leave because they believe a business does not care about them or their problem. Your services can be perfect, your solutions can be great, but if the customer does not believe you are doing a good job, they will leave. When explaining your process to clients remember the 7 C’s. Communicate in a way that customers understand the work you do and how important it is.

Are You Proof Reading Your Text?

woman working on a laptopCan your message be read, understood, and does it mean what you want it to? A popular example is with the use of an oxford comma:

Let’s Eat Grandma.

Let’s Eat, Grandma.

The former suggests that we are planning on eating grandma, rather than eating with her. It is a perfect example of why business owners need to be making sure that their message reads as they intend it to. Remember that auto-correct is meant to help you, but it can also change your words to something else entirely and you need to review your message before pressing send.

Communication is not Only The Words You Say and The Words You Send

You may be thinking that communication simply refers to verbal conversation you have and the texts and emails you are sending. This is not the case. Does your branding make sense? Are you using the kind of industry-specific words that would make no sense to an outsider? Keep in mind that your clients are not experts, which is why they are coming to you.

For more insights on communication, listen to Small Business Talk #109 – What Do You Mean?

What do you mean?

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