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How to Create a Website That Works For You

chocolate cake on a plateGeorge was a baker in training and his goal was to make the most beautiful, Instagram-worthy cakes that everyone would love.

One of his teachers got him an exclusive invitation to meet and work with a famous pastry chef who had the best reviews in the whole state! Excited by this opportunity, George got on a plane right away and began thinking about what cakes he might see when he arrived.

A working clock cake that ticked as you watched?

A beautifully painted dragon with smoke coming out of its nose?

“Welcome!” the famous chef greeted George as he entered the small bakery. “I have made a special cake just for you, to celebrate our new partnership!”

George was delighted!

But when the famous chef pulled out the gift, George realised that it was just a plain chocolate mud cake with a strawberry on top.
He could not hide his disappointment!

There was no amazing sculpture, no heavy painting or even tiers on the cake!
“I can see you are disappointed,” the chef said.

George was thoughtful for a moment, then said “Yes. I’m sorry but I expected to see one of your amazing creations.”

The chef chuckled a bit, before telling George to wait there.

The chef came back with a cake that was exactly what George had imagined – a sparkly, huge sculptured cake filled with roses and rainbows.

“I want you to try both cakes and tell me what you think,” the chef said, cutting a piece of each and offering them to George.

The chocolate mud cake was amazing, so rich and yet light, a real taste sensation and absolutely delicious!

George took a bite from the big, sparkly cake.
He expected it to be as amazing as the first cake.

But no, he had wanted, his face screwed up.

“This tastes so bad! It’s all fondant and no cake,” he said.
Remember it is not always the looks that take the cake . . .

Does Your Website Help Your Business Grow?

Business GrowthFunny how that works.

Did you know that websites are the same?

A website filled with gorgeous photos and fancy text will be beautiful to the human eye, but if Google doesn’t like it and it won’t show up in searches. Similarly, a website with all text and code that Google loves will be very horrible to your human visitors and not attract what real people are looking for.

Balance is key.

Playing the Google game so you can be found but remembering that people are your customers and buy your services.

Getting the balance right so you have your cake, icing and enjoyment just right!

Create a Business Website That Gives You Value with Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises.

There are 2 types of websites; 1 that makes you money and 1 that costs you money.

A business website that works can be your 24/7 salesman that can help sell to your customers before they even contact you. To build a new website, increase traffic to your existing website or develop a digital marketing strategy for your business contact Cathy and let’s chat.