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How to Use Social Media Properly To Grow Your Business

Posting on social media“Social media gives me a headache.”
I am constantly told.

The other day I was chatting with Layla and the topic came up again.
“Why does social media give you a headache?” I asked.

“I always worry my content won’t be good enough,” she said.

“Did I post at the right time?
The right day?
Am I posting consistently?

Is the content, right?
Am I relatable?
What if it’s not funny enough?
What if my audience thinks I post too often / not enough?

I keep worrying and stressing, and then I do nothing.

Some people just seem to be so naturally talented at their socials and I don’t think I can live up to that with my business.”

This is such a common fear.

Social media marketing can be hard to master. The algorithms are changing all the time and there is always something new to do. New content to make and schedule. You must stay consistent to get results, which can be so hard when you are trying to run a business as well.

Rule 6 of Marie Kondo’s famous tidying method is simply, ‘Does it spark joy?’

Get in Touch with Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises for All Social Media Marketing Needs

If your social media does not spark joy – set it aside and ask someone else to take care of it.
Now you can be free from all the stress and worry that social media marketing is causing you.

Social media experts not only help you bring in more of an audience with their expertise, but they also can take the headache away and leave you to focus on the things that work for you – your business.

Want to know what your social media could look like without all the headaches and hassle? Contact Cathy and have a chat.

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