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Is Selling to Everyone a Good Marketing Strategy?

BlueberriesDo you enjoy eating fresh fruit?

Jake loved blueberries.

One day when he was playing hockey in the street with his friends, he noticed that there was a hole in one of the neighbour’s fences. Curious, they peeked through the hole to see what was on the other side – and what they saw was a massive blueberry bush!

“I’m going to take some,” Jake announced to his friends, pushing his arm through the small hole. His friends didn’t like the idea of stealing, so they stayed back and watched as Jake grabbed as many blueberries as his hand could hold.

Once he had gotten most of the blueberries, he tried to pull his hand back through. Bulging with blueberries his hand didn’t fit back through the hole.

His friend saw him struggling and said, “If you drop some of the blueberries, you can get your hand back through.” Jake refused to let go of a single blueberry.

Finally, he tried to yank his fist forcibly through the hole, and all of the blueberries got squashed!

Jake was left to lick the sticky juice from his hand. All the blueberries had been ruined.

Jake had been too greedy.

Do I Need a Target Audience with My Small Business Marketing?

I see a lot of business owners making the same mistake with their marketing.

“I can market to everyone!”
Sure, you can but you are going to end up with a mess at best, spoils instead of a handful of delicious berries.

sale growth graphYou can sell to everyone, however, your marketing is much more effective when you market to your ideal customer – your number 1. Knowing your target audience is essential for a marketing strategy that makes you money instead of wasting your hard-earned funds on squashed berries.

Picking your prime audience and tending to them well makes for a healthy growing business.

This story would have been very different if Jake had only taken a few berries or even better still asked his neighbour to share instead of trying to steal them.

Who has your target audience and how can you work together?

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