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Is WordPress Safe for my Website?

Is WordPress safe for my websiteYes, if you look after it!

I get asked all the time, is my WordPress safe? Like a car, if you maintain your WordPress website, it will be safe. No, not 100% safe as no computer software is; however the risks can be eliminated and maintained.

Website Hacking

Websites can be hacked in numerous ways, regardless of the platform that the website is built on eg. WordPress.

Websites can be hacked via:

  • File Uploads – malicious code
  • Brute Force Entry – trying to guess password+log in
  • Denial of Service – steady stream of traffic from hacker bots
  • Cross Site Scripting – code entered or executed from URL of a site.
  • Malware
  • And many more

(According to Wpmudev.org )

Protect your computer for securityPrevent Hacking

To prevent your website from being hacked, start with protecting your computer.

Hackers prey on easy targets. Just like home security if your door is locked, the burglar will probably rattle the door and move on. If your computer is secured, you will be halfway there.

How to Maintain Your Computer to Prevent it From Being Hacked

To keep your website safe you need to start by maintaining your computer. Have up-to-date security on your computer.

  • Computer virus checkers
  • Scan your computer regularly
  • Install a firewall on your computer

Secure and Keep Your Website Updated

To maintain your WordPress website make sure you:

  • Use solid password lowercase, uppercase, number, special character eg & * ) % etc and not a password you use in other places.
  • Don’t use admin as your usernameSSL certificate is important
  • Don’t log on to your WordPress admin on public unsecured WIFI
  • Have a security plugin on your website
  • Keep WordPress and all plugins updated
  • Backup your website regularly and test that your backup works
  • Choose trusted web hosting
  • Make sure you have an SSL certificate installed

Will my WordPress website be hacked?

That is a question few can answer. Yes, the chances of an attempt being made on your website any website no matter whether it is WordPress or not is probably high. If you follow the above advise and keep your website well looked after and maintained, the chances of a website hacking attempt being successful will be greatly reduced.

Best Ways to Prevent a WordPress Website Being Hacked?

Get a professional web designer with years of experience to set up your website; they will be able to add the correct security and implement the appropriate procedures to keep your site safe.

Website maintenance packages include core software updates, ongoing security, malware protection, back up services and more. If you don’t have the time or will to be consistently looking after your website, hire a professional to help you.

Where to Get Help Looking After my Website?

CATCO Enterprises have been building, running and maintaining a large range of websites for over 19 years.  Need help with your website, support or website maintenance, call Cathy and the team at CATCO Enterprises – first 30 mins is FREE!