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Is Your Business A Secret? Is Your Website Heading For The Google Grave Yard?

A website that is not found on Google is non existentCan Google find you?

Is Your Business A Secret? As business owners’ we are often very busy trying to do many different roles within our businesses; marketing, social media and our website don’t always get the priority they need. Not because we don’t want to just that we lack the time.

Websites are wonderful marketing tools and they can be anything from a lovely visual brochure to a fully functional online shop; however all websites depend on 2 things:

  • Being found by Google
  • Being found by your customers

If no-one can find you it doesn’t matter how great your products are, how beautiful your website is or how fabulous your customer services is; your business will not flourish. You wouldn’t dream of having a shop front and keeping the doors locked and not turning on the lights each morning.

Lots of small businesses don’t understand the importance that their website and social media platforms play in building their business.

3 mistakes that small business owners make

  1. Using a Gmail address not their domain name
  2. Not having clear keywords on the website
  3. Not having a social media plan

Using a Gmail address not their domain name

Use your domain name for your email addressIn business the impression you make is everything. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression. When you get an email from your phone provider, utility providers, car dealers or any other business these emails always come from the company’s domain name, not Gmail or Yahoo.

By sending your email from Gmail, Yahoo or your service provider you give the impression of being small, part-time or untrustworthy. Serious businesses always use their domain name for their emails.

When choosing your email address, stay away from the generic of sales@ admin@ office@ info@ because these type of email address are what spammers use and your email will get lumped in the same basket often getting caught in spam filters meaning that your emails will not be delivered.

Generic email addresses are fine just be a bit more creative and use your location, job description, description of service etc.

Not having clear keywords on the website

SMART Goals for business websites

Google land is very busy with thousands of websites competing for your keyword all the time. You need to give Google a very clear message of what your website is all about and who you would like your website shown too.

1 keyword per page. Write the content of your page around 1 main theme or idea.

If Google can’t clearly determine what your page is about they are unlikely to return it as a result to someone’s search and no matter how lovely your website is you will be doomed to the back corner of the Google grave yard.

Not having a social media plan

Social media, in particular, Facebook is a must have business tool; unfortunately, a huge percentage of small businesses don’t use their Facebook presence to their best advantage.

Posting what you had for dinner, your gorgeous cat or your wonderful children’s sporting activity is not going to make your business page a success. Even if you are posting wonderful business content here and there but you don’t have a strategic constant plan you are unlikely to see a meaningful result. Like any form of marketing, you need to have a SMART Goal to achieve a consistent outcome.

SMART  S – specific, M – measurable, A – achievable R – realistic T – time-based

Is Your Website Heading for The Google Grave Yard?

Is Your Business A Secret? With a little bit of planning, forethought and structure your website can be a wonderful digital marketing tool for your business and not another money drain. Work out your end goal and then plan backwards and remember to follow Googles’ best practices.

Not sure where to start?

CATCO Enterprises offers a range of social media and web design services from 1/2 day strategy sessions to teach you how and what to implement in this busy digital space;
to full done for you marketing services. Give Cathy and the team a call on 0409 489 464 for more information.