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Is Your Business Website Stuck in the Storm?

Beautiful sunset on a fieldIn a large field in North America lived a herd of bison and a herd of cows who, being close relatives, shared the area peacefully. One day, there was a terrible storm brewing to the south.

The herd of cows watched the dark clouds and flashes of lightning nervously. It looked like a dangerous one, and they all hated the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance as the storm drew closer to them. Audrey, the leader of the herd, called to her sisters.

“Come quick, let us huddle together for safety!
We will stay right here so we do not get lost,
And hope that the storm gets weaker before it reaches us.”
As they came to this decision, they noticed that the bison were beginning to move.

“Where are you going?” Audrey asked the leader of the bison, Atlas.

“Into the storm!” Atlas announced proudly.
“While you stand here you will be exposed to the storm for much longer, getting cold and wet. Then you will run away in fright and the storm will follow you.
At the same time, we will have run through the storm, be out the other side and be enjoying the sun again!”

Audrey was not convinced but decided to tell the herd anyway.
“Atlas has a new way,” she began . . .
The more she told them the harder the rain drops got.

Finally, Audrey decided to take a leap of faith and told her sisters they were going to follow the path that Atlas took. The storm was fiercer now, the rain harder, the wind stronger and the journey more difficult. Audrey knew there was no turning back and she had to lead. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the storm started to dissipate, and the path grew easier. The sun began to shine, and the day became much clearer.

How often do you huddle in your business instead of charging through the storm?

website homepageI see it a lot in my business, CATCO Enterprises.

So many businesses try to fix their old, outdated websites because they fear ‘running into the storm’ – rebuilding it from the ground up. Your website is the home of your business’s online presence, and you need to make sure that it is bringing in customers all the time.

  • Don’t avoid the problems
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Don’t hope that things will get better

Run into the storm and achieve everything you need to do. The longer you wait the more pain you and your audience will have to endure. Old websites create missed opportunities and harm your business more than you will ever know.

Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises Helps Your Business Weather the Storm with Websites That Work.

Making yourself available to your potential customers is vital.
A successful business website can be your 24/7 salesman that can help presale your customers before they even contact you. To build a new website, increase traffic to your existing website or develop a digital marketing strategy for your business contact Cathy today.