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Is Your Marketing an Ugly Duckling?

swan swimming in the waterWe’ve all heard the story about the ugly duckling.

Amongst the other ducklings, the ugly duckling stuck out like a sore thumb. He didn’t ‘fit in.’ Nothing the other ducks did worked for him, and he began to feel isolated.

He just couldn’t get it right, what was he doing wrong?
He tried to act more like the other ducklings, and they just laughed at him.

The harder he tried the worse it got. He didn’t feel good about himself. Now his physical appearance was changing to, and he wasn’t growing like the other ducks. He just must be an ugly duckling.

Then one day as the season changed and the lake grew warmer, he saw a magnificent sight.

A beautiful swan.
Behind the swan was a whole group of ‘ugly ducklings’ just like him.
“I am a swan!” he yelled, flapping his wings and splashing about. “I will be a beautiful swan someday soon too!”
Saying goodbye to his duckling family, he went over to join the swans.

Now his life is enriched, and he is where he belongs.

Is Your Marketing an Ugly Duckling?

woman working on his laptopSome business owners are convinced that their marketing doesn’t work because they are doing the wrong thing. They are using marketing that was tailored for a business that isn’t theirs. If you are trying to be a duck when you are a swan, it won’t work!

Lots of marketing strategies are ‘one size fits all’. They are pitched at you in a way that you will believe it will work for you, it has too, right? It has worked for so many other businesses.
But one size does not fit all.

Elevate Your Digital Marketing and Make An Impact with Cathy Smith from CATCO Enterprises

Your business is unique and deserves to be marketed as such.
Need a strategy that is tailored to you and lets you be the beautiful swan instead of the ugly duckling? Contact Cathy and have a chat.