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Is Your Marketing Strategy Letting You Be Seen?

trees covered with snowMeredith was an older woman who lived in a house high up in the mountains. She had no family or friends, and her old age made it hard for her to go down the mountains to the village below.

“Goodness,” she said to herself as winter began to arrive. “It’s very cold. I must go and collect some firewood, or I will freeze!”

Meredith bundled herself up in her heaviest coat and ventured out into the snow to find some wood to make a fire with. The walk from her house was slow and painful, and she found herself missing the days she could simply run through the trees and cut down the wood herself.

Eventually, she found an overturned tree that would make perfect firewood, but she had no way to cut it up.

“Oh dear,” she said to herself, sitting down on the log to catch her breath. As she sat, a little bird approached her. Meredith gave it some biscuit crumbs and told it her woes.

After some time, the bird vanished, and Meredith was alone again.

“I guess I’ll have to return to my cabin empty-handed,” she thought and started to struggle back to her cabin.

After a while, she spotted a large figure coming towards her.

Wow, I must be seeing things; no one ventures up here at this time of year.

“Hello,” said the man. “I’m Reynold, a lumberjack from town. A little bird led me here. Do you need some help?”

Good Business is Built on Relationships

two women shaking handsOften people wonder if their marketing is working when they don’t see an immediate result.
Some relationships take time to build and others more quickly.

“What use is marketing if people won’t buy right away?” is something I hear from business owners regularly.

Fostering a good relationship with your audience is always beneficial to your business, even if means that even if they don’t buy. You never know when your “little bird” will speak highly of you. Having someone else refer you is far more powerful than putting out sales message after sales message.

The lumberjack only found Meredith because the bird led him there, and the bird only led him there because Meredith fed it.

Are you feeding content to your audience?

Make sure you are seen online and not the best kept secret in your industry!

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