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Is Your Small Business Being Seen by Your Ideal Customers?

Beautiful pansiesHarvey walked 5 blocks to school every single day.

One day, he was walking beside a small house with a garden when he felt something wet on his head.
It was a warm sunny day, so it couldn’t be raining.

Looking up, he saw an old man with a hose. He seemed to be trying to water the dead flowers in the garden bed by the road, but his eyesight wasn’t very good and he was watering Harvey instead!

Now that Harvey was wet, he had to rush back home to get some dry clothes before he headed to school.

The next day the old man was there again trying to water the dead flowers and wetting everyone on the path that got too close.
Harvey avoided the spray of water and kept walking to school.

The next day after that, the old man was there again.
This time the water from the hose was going straight into the gutter, and Harvey decided to take action.

He walked over to the man and said, “Hi I am Harvey.”

They chatted for a bit and then Harvey carefully guided the old man’s wrinkled hands so that the man was watering the right spot.

Harvey did this, again and again, every day – sometimes getting wet, sometimes not!

In spring, the flower beds erupted into a beautiful rainbow of colours.

“Can you see them?” Harvey asked the old man as they stood next to the flowerbed.

“No,” the old man said. “But they will help others who need to see them, just like you helped me.”

Successful Business Marketing Allows Your Business to Provide for Others.

woman offering helpWorking in digital marketing is a lot like what Harvey did for the old man – helping others so they can help others too.

Once you are seen and can be seen by your ideal clients as the expert that can solve their pain points, you can really make a difference too.

With a successful business, you can amplify the good you do in the world.

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