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Is Your Website Suffering From Operator Error?

pink shoesMy feet hurt!

I went to one of those fancy running shoe stores. You know the ones that make you walk on the runway and then they go through a report. You have high arches, low arches, your ankles roll this way or that. It is a bit of a song and dance; they prescribe the type of shoes you need and then come back with 4 pairs for you to try on.

Decided on the new pair of shoes, paid and left the shop.

The next day I put on my new shoes, sit down and tighten them, ready to go out walking.
They look pretty swish I think, feel nice, great colour. Out we go walking.

After about 20 minutes my toes start going numb. As we finish the walk one of my feet is really numb. Wow that is odd, I think. Oh well they are new shoes they will settle down.

The next day, I put on my shoes, tighten them up and off we go walking. This time it only takes 15 minutes for my foot to go numb. That is odd, oh well they are new shoes they will settle down.

3rd day. I put on my shoes, tighten them up and get 30 mins before the numbness start.
Phew, maybe they are getting better.

My feet go numb in various degrees over the next couple of weeks. They are nice shoes, feel great and I did pay a lot of money for them.

Having a casual conversation with a friend they ask how my new shoes are going. “They are great”, I say.

“Oh, that doesn’t sound good!”
“No, they are, great, they feel nice, they’re comfortable and look good but they make my feet go numb.”

“How tight are you doing your shoelaces up? Are you using the last hole?”

The next day I didn’t do my shoelaces up so tight. Guess what! My feet have not gone numb since.

Operator error!

Is Your Business Website Easy for Customers to Navigate?

laptop showing off the product websiteIs your website suffering from operator error?
If your website is too confusing to navigate, then your visitors will bounce back out.

We have the attention span of less than a goldfish; so often when your visitor lands on your website they have forgotten what they came for. If they can’t see the problem they have and see you as the immediate solution or educators then they are gone, sailing off into the sunset.

This really was a case of I was pulling myself up by my own bootstraps!

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