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Marketing Your Business to the Right Audience

donkey on a fieldDavid and his son Carter were going for a walk to visit the local fishmonger with their pet donkey.

The pair lived a long way away from the fishmonger but had no car or public transport to use. They had to walk all the way to the store. It was a hot summer’s day and they wanted to get as far as
they could before the afternoon heat set in. Then they could take a nice break
before they headed home.

As they passed a couple sitting on a porch, the husband yelled, “Why walk when you have a donkey to ride? The poor boy only has small legs!” “I am feeling tired, father,” Carter said, so David lifted him onto the donkey, and they continued on.

When they crossed a road, a car stopped and a woman poked her head out of the window. “How shameful of you!” she shouted at Carter. “Let your father ride the donkey, he is older and deserves more respect!”

Carter heard what the woman said and got off the donkey. David climbed on and then they continued. As they passed a village, a small group of children stopped to stare at them. “Look!” one said. “Why can’t the boy ride the donkey too?” So, Carter climbed back on the donkey, and
they kept going.

“What’s wrong with you?” an older man cried as they passed his garden. “You will kill the poor donkey with all that weight! It must be so tired.”

Hearing this, David and Carter climbed off the donkey. They tried to carry it instead. As they pulled the donkey into the air, it got startled and kicked David before escaping from their hands and galloping away.

Do I Really Need Targeted Marketing?

“Who is your ideal audience?” I often ask.
“Everyone. I want to market to everyone!” I hear business owners say a lot.
Trying to please every single person you come across will never work.

marketing your small businessPeople are too different! We all want different things and some of them are opposites to what others want. Being pulled in a million directions like David and Carter were will only end up with you losing your donkey!

Who do you want to talk to?
Who will buy from your business?
Who has the funds, needs, and wants your services?

That’s who you should be marketing to.

You can always sell to other people if they are interested. Knowing who your target demographic is means that you won’t get caught up in knots trying to please everyone.

Speak to Your Ideal Customers with Targeted Marketing and Professional Website Development from Cathy Smith at CATCO Enterprises.

Cathy Smith has run the same marketing agency for more than 21+ years and has helped hundreds of business owners achieve their marketing goals. Our vision is to provide powerful marketing solutions that grow our client’s businesses so that they can make a positive impact in their communities.

Need help finding your target audience and marketing directly to them? Let’s chat about how we can make it happen for your business.