Marketing doesn't have to be hard or complex

A marketing sprint with a difference!

Refresh your marketing in just 4 weeks.

The impacts of this year have left many businesses needing a new marketing approach.

Implement a clear and proven marketing plan to help you achieve fast wins before Christmas.

Join marketing experts Cathy Smith and Oksana Koriakova as they guide you through a 4 week marketing sprint.




Don’t finish 2021 wondering what if?


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Simplify your marketing with a 1 hour weekly session for 4 weeks.
Each Wednesday at 1pm (AEST) for 4 weeks commencing on Wednesday 3rd November.
Limited spots available for an investment of only $399.

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The 4th quarter is the most lucrative time for many businesses. With the lead up to Christmas and the holiday season, now is the time to win more of your customers spending dollars. Don’t miss out on sales because potential customers don’t know who you are and what you do!
The ‘Make Your Marketing Work’ Marketing Sprint is designed for you to get in and get it done. Learn, brainstorm and implement as you go.

About your marketing experts

Cathy Smith from CATCO Enterrpises Perth

Cathy Smith

CATCO Enterprises

Cathy Smith is the granddaughter of an artist; design has been her whole life. Creating marketing that exposes her clients to their ideal customers; allows their business to be seen and grow; is why Cathy is still in the same business 20 years on.

She is sick and tired of seeing small business owners waste money on marketing that doesn’t work, chasing shiny objects and not being able to get ahead. It’s got to STOP!

Cathy is on a mission to make sure that small businesses thrive and for their marketing to do what it is supposed to do – make them money.

Oksana Koriakova

Oksana Koriakova

Impero Group

Oksana is known as a marketing bodyguard and marketing mentor. When working together her clients feel safe about marketing decisions they make. They spend less and achieve more.

Her approach to business and marketing is pragmatic and holistic. Over 20 years Oksana and her team worked with over 700 clients to deliver strategies and products that helped them to create raving fans and make their brand stand out and stay top of mind.

Oksana is passionate about business, human connections, personal growth and doing things differently. She has a unique ability to creatively identify how to engage your clients and execute new growth opportunities.

Marketing doesn't have to be hard or complex.

Come on the journey with us to create marketing that will work for you.

Imagine . . . .

 By implementing just one of the ideas learnt in the 4 week marketing sprint, you finish this year strong and set your business up to soar into 2022.

What if you achieve even more? The sky really is the limit.

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